Red Cape Virtual Assistant Services

Why Choose a Virtual PA Over an Employee?

Flexible alternative to fulfilling administrative demands without long-term commitment of hiring, paying only for the time you use. 

Access to world class talent which would ordinarily cost upwards of £50k per annum.

No employee overheads such as equipment, office space, holiday pay, NI, pension contributions.

A great answer to covering holidays, long-term leave, emergency cover and more.

Features & Benefits

VA paid per productive hour vs Staff paid per annum

VA immediate vs Staff 4+ weeks

VA: Nil vs Staff: Time & Money

VA: nil investment vs Staff: costs eg.equip vs time off vs space etc

VA has Indemnity Insurance & ICO registered

While you grow your business, without a big commitment

How I can help you?

To receive a fully bespoke estimate based on your unique requirements,  please get in touch to arrange a call or appointment.